The Impact of a Clean Workspace on Employee Satisfaction and Retention: How Steel and Propre Can Help Improve Your Company Culture

For a good reason, many companies have company culture and employee retention at the forefront of their mind. People are changing jobs rapidly in recent years. In fact, it is estimated that 96% of the workforce is looking for new jobs for various reasons. (1) But how can you help prevent this from your business? One way is to provide a clean working environment that people are happy to come to work in. Combine the clean with the nicely lit and decorated, and you’ll have a recipe for success.

 Its easy for business owners to get caught up in the numbers and not look up and look around them. When you are so busy keeping a business going, you don’t think about the small things that people love. Things such as having a clean working environment. We get it; it’s like your home. When you are actively busy running kids, keeping up with business, and trying to have any kind of social life, the first thing that tends to go is the house. The dusting will be there when you have time, so with the vacuuming. However, you are affecting more than just your family at your business. You are affecting many families.

Furthermore, you are possibly making people sick. Unlike at your home, there are many people milling around the business in many cases. You have your employees and your staff both coming and going from the building. This means you are likely to have germs and diseases coming and going too. 

Your Restrooms are Important

At the workplace, we touch a lot of surfaces that many others have before us. This means that germs can spread rapidly, so it is important to ensure that you have your business cleaned and sanitized regularly. (2) This will keep germs to a minimum. Furthermore, it will keep the office looking clean and fresh, which employees like. They also like that you take the time to hire a professional commercial cleaning company to take care of the cleaning. Clean and well-lit restrooms and having enough for everyone are very important. Furthermore, you don’t want your employees standing around waiting for the bathroom. Be sure that you have enough facilities for everyone.  

Employees start looking for a new workplace when you don’t have a well-stocked, neat bathroom. While this seems trivial, having a proper bathroom facility is actually something that many employees want. Poor bathrooms affect employee morale and don’t shine a good light on management. (3) Employees need to be equipped with all the proper tools to succeed, which also means that you need to provide them with proper restroom facilities. Furthermore, if the work is dirty work, you should provide clean showing facilities as well, so they don’t take that dirt home to their families or into their vehicles.  

These facilities should have a clean workspace, be well-lit, well-stocked, and have proper privacy for everyone.  

Improved Air Quality

Employees that have a hard time with allergies may find that working in your particular workplace makes them act up. This could be due to the dust and build-up that has occurred to the lack of cleanliness. As a business owner, you may not notice, but those with these specific allergies will. They will have watery eyes, sneezing, wheezing, and coughing as soon as they enter the office. When they leave for the night, these symptoms seem to go away. This is a tall tale sign that the office or business is dirty, causing these symptoms. 

Employees will not simply ignore these symptoms. Instead, they will note that when they are at work, they feel bad, and when they are home, they start feeling better. This will lead to them looking for a job that has a cleaner environment, meaning that you are losing a possibly great employee. 

A professional cleaning company such as Steel and Propre will come in and clean away these allergens. If you haven’t had the carpets cleaned in quite some time, we suggest that you do a deep clean of the carpets. Your carpets act as a large air filter, and when they are full of dust and grime, they can’t simply perform that job, leaving air-borne allergens no place to go. We will dust, disinfect, clean, and deodorize. Furthermore, our vacuums are equipped with HEPA filters, which will filter out the air as we vacuum. 

The Impact of a Clean Workspace on Employee Satisfaction and Retention: How Steel and Propre Can Help Improve Your Company Culture

Why Treating Your Employees Well is So Important

As a business owner, you may need to be reminded why employee retention is so important. While you might have the attitude, we can just replace those that don’t like it. It actually isn’t good for business. The morale of your employees directly affects your business in so many ways. Happy employees will go above and beyond their call of duty to ensure that all of your customers get the best possible treatment. Furthermore, they will build up knowledge about your brand, services, and products and will even become your sales ambassadors without even knowing it.  

Have you ever been to a dinner party where people around the table talk about where they work? This is actually more common than one thinks. When the subject comes up, you want people to be glowing, speaking of their workplace and how amazing your products and services are. This speaks volumes to their friends and family, as this is a direct recommendation from a friend. But, not just any friend, someone that works within those walls and knows how they are all treated.

Company Culture is Important

Your company’s culture stems from how you treat the business and your employees. You want to create an inviting, fun, and functional culture. Your work environment is very important in keeping employees happy. In fact, it has been said that one of the top reasons people leave a company is due to the company’s culture. (4) 

If you are on board with bringing your building’s cleanliness and company culture to the next level, reach out to Steel and Propre, we would be happy to discuss how we can help you have a  clean workspace. Contact us today!

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