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The leading provider of window cleaning services for businesses across a range of industries. With 26 years of experience, we have the expertise and the commitment to provide you with the highest-quality work using environmentally friendly services.

The windows in a commercial building can take up quite a bit of real estate on most buildings. Because of this, many business owners look into professional window cleaning services. 

Your windows are just one of the many things people will look at as they drive up to your business. You want them to look clean, neat, and professional, as the exterior of your business directly affects how people perceive your business.

When your windows are dull, dirty, and full of fingerprints, they make your business look unkempt and lack professionalism. However, when your windows are bright, reflective, and clean, this shows people that you genuinely care about the appearance of your business. This also gives them the idea that you care more about your business as a whole. 

We at Steel and Propre understand how important it is for our windows and your commercial building to be clean and inviting. Our teams of professional cleaners have been working in the industry for many years. We are happy to assist you with your post-construction clean-up, window cleaning, commercial cleaning, business janitorial needs, and more.

At Steel and Propre, we take the time to review everything with our clients to ensure we have a cleaning schedule that will work best for them. We understand that every business is different. To meet these different needs, our teams will offer different types of cleaning schedules. Whether you have a lot of foot traffic flowing through your business or have a few employees, we can help with keeping your business looking its very best.

Benefits Of Hiring Professionals For Your Businesses' Windows

When it comes to your business’s windows, hiring professionals can be an invaluable asset. There are numerous benefits to having the experts at Steel and Proper manage your window cleaning needs. These benefits include high safety standards with professional equipment and expertise, enhanced visual appeal of windows by eliminating dust, dirt, and grime, improved energy efficiency, and protection of window components from damage.

Professional window cleaning services offer many benefits to businesses that make it worth the investment. Our professional techniques provide optimal results over DIY methods that cannot be matched. We leave a streak-free finish with our professional service that saves you from having to clean them regularly yourself, saving you time and energy in the long run!

In addition, clean windows enhance property value and worker morale and create an inviting atmosphere for increased productivity. Furthermore, hiring professionals provides peace of mind and reduced labor costs compared to DIY methods. Choose Steel & Proper’s Window Cleaning Services for guaranteed satisfaction. Call 704-791-5945 today to find out more.

Benefits Of Hiring Professionals For Your Businesses' Windows

For businesses, it is important to maintain pristine windows. Clean windows not only look great, but they also provide a safe and secure environment for customers and employees. Fortunately, our professional window cleaning services can help keep business windows clean and spotless.

Our professional cleaners have the experience and skills to do the job more effectively than businesses can do on their own. Furthermore, they are trained in specialized techniques to ensure spotless windows without leaving any streaks or smudges behind.

If you have ever tried to clean your windows, you know how challenging this is. Keep in mind that windows in a home or vehicle are typically much smaller than what is found in a business. This means that business windows are just that much more difficult to clean and keep clean.  

Window Cleaners That Meet Your Expectations

If you have the general public in your store or business, you know how hard it is to keep the windows clean. From the entrance doors that are always covered with fingerprints to the large windows that are always collecting dust and debris from the parking lot. Business windows require a level of attention far greater than anything we have at home. That’s why it’s so hard to find window cleaners that can meet your expectations.  

However,  look no further! Steel and Propre have been cleaning for over 25 years. In these years, we have developed techniques that allow our professionals to leave your business windows looking amazing. Our team is happy to discuss your needs and develop a solution that will work for you. We can handle everything from large windows facing the parking lot to the windows of a skyrise or large building. You can count on our experts to help your windows look amazing. Call 704-791-5945 now.

Why Professional Window Cleaners Are Better

Our professional cleaners have specialized tools that make reaching hard-to-reach areas such as second stories and beyond easier. This makes it possible to clean all areas that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to access with regular household tools or equipment. Our process allows our clients to have gleaming windows quickly without wasting time or energy trying to do it themselves!

Furthermore, there are safety and security benefits associated with hiring a professional window cleaner for your business needs. These include thorough yet fast window cleaning, safety when working at heights, and no risk of damage to either the windows or frames due to improper tool use. We have specialized tools, techniques, and solutions for removing dirt, grime, water spots, fingerprints, bird droppings, and cobwebs from glass panes. Additionally, we have the right tools to clean both the inside and outside of buildings.

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When you hire Steel & Proper Window Cleaning Services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the job will be done right – quickly, cost-effectively, and efficiently!

At the end of the day, no business can afford to overlook its windows. Clean and presentable windows create a positive first impression for customers and staff alike. Professional window cleaning services are an investment that pays off in the long run. If you are looking for a professional commercial window cleaning service, look no further.

Steel & Proper offers top-notch window cleaning services that will help you maintain clean windows year-round! Our team comprises professionally trained technicians who provide superior results with every job. Call now, and let’s get you a no-obligation quote to get you started. Call 704-791-5945 today.


The frequency of window cleaning depends on your location and surroundings. We recommend cleaning your windows at least twice a year.

Yes, we provide cleaning services for both the interior and exterior of your windows.

No, our cleaning process is gentle and does not cause any damage to your windows.

No, our cleaning process is designed to leave your windows crystal clear without any streaks or smudges.

Yes, we have the necessary equipment and experience to clean high-rise windows up to 6 stories.

No, you do not need to be present during the cleaning process. We can clean your windows while you focus on your business operations.

The duration of the cleaning process depends on the size and number of windows to be cleaned. We will provide you with an estimate of the cleaning time based on your specific needs.