Maintaining a Clean and Sanitary Healthcare Facility: The Importance of Professional Medical Cleaning

When you go to the hospital, walk-in clinic, chiropractor, or dentist, you are expecting a steller clean, a level higher than what you expect at other places. After all, you are entering a medical facility that should take health to a new level. However, when we work with healthcare facilities, we notice that the cleanliness of their facilities isn’t up to par with the expectations of their patients in many cases, but why? 

In many cases, the reason is that the more extensive facilities think having their own cleaning or janitorial department will save them money. However, after running that mess for a few years, they quickly realize it doesn’t save them anything, but it certainly brings on a lot of headaches. The employees of the cleaning department understand their job, but they have little to no motivation to go above and beyond what is expected of them. In many cases, they actually hit the bare minimum. But why is that?  

It’s simple. It’s a job. To them, they show up, perform the bar minimal tasks and go home. If they don’t get to something that day, there is always the next. However, that’s where it’s different from hiring a professional cleaning company and having your own staff. 

Smaller Medical Offices

For the smaller medical offices, quite often, what we see is these offices are employing incompetent cleaning services. For whatever reason, they believe that they are saving money by hiring a small cleaning company that doesn’t have the ability to provide them with the level of services they need. These offices are smaller, but they still need to have a level of service that gives them a clean office their patients will be happy to come to. When it comes to a medical office, you need a level of cleanliness that is above most other commercial offices. We understand that. 

That’s why we offer an affordable yet professional commercial cleaning service that allows our medical clients to know they are great hands. We have cleaned a wide variety of medical offices, from smaller offices to large labs and hospitals. We understand what it takes to provide these types of buildings with the sterile clean they need. Our team of experts will get into the nitty-gritty and polish the floors, sweep, mop, vacuum, sanitize, and more. Furthermore, we offer deep cleaning services that can assist in getting the scuffs off the baseboards and assist you with getting your chairs and other accessories, such as lights and equipment, wiped down and sanitized as well.  

Worker Cleaning Office Table Close Up

Let's Start With Your Expectations

Everyone has a certain level of expectations. We understand that no office is the same. Perhaps you have an assistant that goes into each room and sanitizes all the surfaces between patients, so you won’t need this done. This is very common in some settings. However, we can also come in and ensure that it is to your standards at the end of the day. We won’t need to sanitize your equipment as the assistant will do that. But we will sanitize your light switches, door knobs, countertops, cabinets, and other areas that need more than the assistant covers.

Perhaps you don’t trust the assistance to get everything as clean as you’d like and would like to have us just do it all. In that case, we would be happy too. From your floors to sanitizing hard surfaces, everything we do is customizable, right down to our schedule. Some of our offices know exactly what they want and the schedule they want. However, others rely on our expertise to guide them in what would be best for the particular situation. We are happy to work with both and understand that both scenarios are valid. 

Perhaps we should say you don’t trust your assistant. You simply understand they have more on their plate than keeping your office clean. Many times they are assisting patients, scheduling and answer questions. They can easily get distracted, and having a clean office is important to everyone involved. Call Steel and Propre today to find out more.

Hiring a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

Hiring a professional cleaning company is something that many think is out of their reach. They believe we are far more expensive than their own cleaning staff. However, that is far from the truth. Having your own staff can be quite costly. Furthermore, if the staff gets sick or wants time off from work, you need to figure out ways to cover that time. You will need to find time to hire and fire people for the positions, and, let’s face it, people come and go from jobs all the time.  

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company means that you set up your schedule, agree on a price and level of service and leave the cleaning to us. We offer customized plans to allow our clients to pick and choose what days, times, and services we do. If you want our suggestions from years of service, we would be happy to help there as well.  

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and sanitary environment for your healthcare facility. Our teams are ready to take on your office or building to ensure that your patients experience nothing but the best!

How COVID-19 Changed Everything

Before COVID, many of us wouldn’t give it another thought if the medical facility was sanitized and clean. During that time, we were exposed to sanitizing even the pens after each use. However, we all have come to realize that maintaining that level of cleanliness would be impossible long term. Sure, we can still have the receptionist wipe down the pens after each use, but most have become much laxer. The counters, buttons on the check-in Kiosk, and other surfaces are being touched at a rapid pace.

Furthermore, the waiting room for most medical facilities is exposed to many more germs and illnesses than in other places. They are the place where we take our sick ones. A place that we go to when we are sick ourselves.  

Nobody goes to a medical facility to get better, only to pick up another virus or cold. That’s why it is so important that you hire a professional cleaning service that understands this and cares. We take the time to wipe down everything from the chairs in the waiting room to the counters and even any toys you might have in a play area. You can count on Steel and Propre to care for your medical office cleaning needs at an affordable rate. Contact us today!

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