Creating a Clean and Safe Environment for Your Customers: The Importance of Commercial Cleaning in Retail Spaces

Have you ever gone shopping, entered a retail store, and noticed how dirty and grubby everything looks? What about existing highways to get gas and snacks? We know that you were judging the look of the exterior of the gas stations. Most people will pick a station that is well-lit and inviting. The same goes for retail locations. 

Many times business owners of retail stores think that their other employees can keep up with the cleaning. However, that simply isn’t the case. Retail stores can be quite busy. Furthermore, oftentimes the retail location isn’t big enough to have people cleaning and others shopping. Nobody wants to shop with the noise of a vacuum running.  

Cleaning a retail location is important to the reputation of the business. No customers are going to want to go into a retail store where all the product is covered in dust. This tells the clients looking around that the store isn’t that busy or selling that much. They also think that the owner simply doesn’t care. There are many negative thoughts that go through a person’s head when they witness a dirty retail shop, but “this is a successful business” isn’t one of them.

Depending on your location, your retail shop can become dirty rather quickly and easily. Having your workers try to keep up with restocking, customer service, and other responsibilities often leads to the cleaning being put on the back burner. This is why it is so important to invest in a commercial cleaning company that will help you keep your retail space clean, from dusting to the floors and windows. We want to help you keep your store looking it’s very best. 

A Clean Store is Essential for Safety and Liability

A clean store helps reduce your liability. Sticky spills, dust, and dirt build-up could become a liability. The cleanliness of your store is important to ensure everyone’s safety. Furthermore, since the pandemic of 2020, more people are aware of their surroundings and their cleanliness. This means that you want to show your customers that you care enough about their health to ensure your store is clean at all times. 

Think about it, have you ever been to a store where the floors were really dirty, and there was a layer of dust on everything? You wouldn’t feel very comfortable. The same goes for your customers. Furthermore, if you want to take your cleaning a step further, offer hand sanitizer in places where they will need to push buttons, such as at the register. Also, if you have shopping carts, be sure to offer a cleaning wipe to allow the customer to clean the handle before they shop. These little steps don’t cost very much and certainly don’t take any time to set up, but they are a good faith to your customers, showing them that you care about their health.

Importance of First Impressions

We have touched on this a bit about how important it is to keep your store clean and inviting. However, if you are a store owner that is looking for repeat business, you want your store to make a great first impression. When you walk in, do you notice things are dull and dirty? Is there clutter everywhere? A professional cleaning company such as Steel and Propre isn’t going to help get your product up and on your shelves, but we can help with the cleanliness. We take our time to clean the floors, clearing up any spills or residue and cleaning any stains from the carpet. Dirt in the corners is very common as people move about the store, so it is important that we do a deep clean from time to time.

Creating a Clean and Safe Environment for Your Customers: The Importance of Commercial Cleaning in Retail Spaces

Why Choose Us For Your Retail Location

If you have a retail store and are looking for ways to improve your first impression or the cleanliness of your store, Steel and Propre can help. Our amazing teams of experts have been trained to easily clean retail locations. We take the time to clean the floors by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping to ensure they are looking their very best. Dusting and sanitizing the surfaces throughout the store is another aspect that we do. 

Sanitizing hard surfaces is important to stop the spread of illness. In fact, cold and virus germs can live on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours. For colds, it can be up to one week. While they all will start to lose their effectiveness in about 24 hours. (1) This is not something you want to overlook.

This means that having your store sanitized regularly will prevent the spread of disease. Furthermore, frequent handwashing from your employees is very important to ensure that everyone remains healthy. A healthy staff will mean fewer headaches for you. Less sick days, and you won’t have customers concerned that they will be catching something.

Customize Cleaning Solutions for Your Retail Store

Steel and Propre takes the time to look at your retail location to determine the best cleaning schedule for your location. Each location could be different depending on the store layout as well as what type of store you own. For example, a pet or feed store may need more cleaning and disinfecting than a cell phone store. The pet and feed store will have more dust from the products they sell and animals that may be coming into the store. We will have more work than in a cell phone store, where there are little to few shelves to clean around and little foot traffic.

Call Steel and Propre to Get Proper Commercial Cleaning

We want to provide our clients with the proper cleaning for their store and needs. It is important to us that each of our clients is provided with a customized cleaning solution that will work with their schedule. Because of this, we will work at various times to meet your needs. 

For example, if your store is small and you’d like to have your cleaning done after hours, no problem. Need cleaning before the store opens, we can do that too. We understand that many times it is not ideal to have your store cleaned during operating hours, and we will work with you. Contact us at Steel and Propre today to find out more.

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