The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Cleaning Needs: How Contracting with Steel and Propre Can Benefit Your Business

Cleaning a commercial building is no easy task. There are a lot of moving parts to it. Furthermore, there are many different machines and products that need to be utilized in order to get a good quality clean. Many businesses seem to think that hiring professionals will be much more costly than having their own janitorial department. However, after they decide this, they quickly realize just how wrong they are.

Your own janitorial staff is just another added expense. Sure, so are the commercial cleaners such as Steel and Propre, but there is a difference. You never have to pay additional payroll taxes on your cleaners, you don’t have to worry about paying sick leave, and there are no benefits on your part involved. We all know that paying an employee goes above and beyond just the amount that you are paying per hour or per pay period. Those other expenses can really add up.

What about when your janitors get sick? When you have your own cleaning department, this becomes your problem. This can actually turn into a big problem that can be quite costly should the person continue their illness for several days. You don’t want them to come back into the office sick, risking the rest of your employees and customers. But you are now down the help, which is vital in keeping your business clean and sanitary.

Hiring and Firing

The hiring and firing process is something that is pretty costly to any business.   You will need to take the time to interview all your potential applicants and find the right candidates for the job. Once you finally have built up your cleaning department, you find out one is quitting and need to start the process all over again. Many times, there is more than one person in this department as businesses tend to need a lot of cleaning done. However, if you only have one person, now your entire crew is gone. Furthermore, what if they wanted to take a day off? How would you cover them? 

When outsourcing your commercial cleaning needs to a company such as Steel and Propre, you don’t have to worry about any of that. In fact, if we have someone call in, you will be none the wiser. Our team of professionals will show up and do the job as if nothing ever happened. If we have some turnover, we will replace them with new people without bothering any of our clients. 

Steel and Propre have been offering cleaning services for many years. Because of this, we have seen our ups and down in all sorts of areas of the business. We do our best to safeguard our clients against ever having a problem with our services due to staffing issues. It is important to us to maintain a constant professional and understanding team of cleaners. We take our time to train and teach each of our employees so that you will get the very best clean money can buy each and every time.

Better Training

When you outsource your cleaning to the professionals at Steel and Propre, we will also provide all the training needed to ensure the job is done correctly. While you might think this isn’t that big of a deal, everyone knows how to clean; you are very much mistaken. Many companies think that hiring a cleaning crew is easy; everyone knows how to clean. The fact is, not everyone really does. On top of that, not everyone wants to put forth their best effort. You will need a hierarchy to ensure that the cleaning is done to your standards and specifications. This means, in simple terms, you will manage the cleaning department in which you are over to ensure everything is done as it should.  

While this sounds like a bit much, think about the last time you asked your teenager to clean their room or the bathroom. While you have taught them everything they know about cleaning, do they clean to your specifications? The answer is probably no. This isn’t due to your lack of effort. It is due to them seeing what they can get away with. This is the same for your employees. They work for you and understand that the bare minimum means they keep their job.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Cleaning Needs: How Contracting with Steel and Propre Can Benefit Your Business

Why Outsourcing is Better

While we have discussed the trials and tribulations of having your own cleaning department, we haven’t discussed how outsourcing can change your life. When you have your own cleaning department, you have managers and cleaners that you are responsible for paying. Furthermore, you have your own employees that don’t have to do anything to impress you to keep their job. They know that.  

However, as professional commercial cleaners, we understand that you have choices out here in the real world. There are many commercial cleaning services that you can choose from, which means we need to perform at our very best or risk losing your business. Our employees understand that too. We are providing a service, just as you might provide to your customers. This service is our number priority in ensuring our customers are completely satisfied. Our focus is on cleaning for our clients and nothing more.

We aren’t running another company. We are running a commercial cleaning company that focuses on our client’s cleaning needs. 

You Have Your Business, Let Us Do Ours

You have a business. As a business, you are providing services and products to your customers. This means that you are NOT in the cleaning business, so why start now? We work with our clients to ensure everything is clean to their standards. Our team of professionals is always on time and ready to clean to the schedule that we agree upon. There isn’t any worry if they are going to show up for work and if they are going to get everything cleaned during their allocated times. After all, we don’t start cleaning until we have an agreement on what you want cleaned, how frequently, and the cost. This means that if there is something that goes unplanned, we still need to hold up our end of the bargain. That’s just another reason you should look into outsourcing your commercial cleaning to Steel and Propre.  

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