Going Beyond Surface Cleaning: The Importance of Deep Cleaning for Your Commercial Space

Employee and customer health, safety, and reputation depend on a clean and sanitary workplace.

Maintaining a healthy and germ-free workplace requires more than just the regular cleaning of work surfaces. (1)

We go above and beyond the standard cleaning process when we deep clean despite many of our customers having basic surface cleaning done several times a week.

Keeping your Workplace Healthy

No matter what type of business you own, deep cleaning is essential for keeping it running smoothly. By regularly performing deep cleaning, you can reap a host of benefits. These benefits will make your workplace more productive, safe, and healthy. 

Furthermore, deep cleaning improves equipment maintenance and prolongs the life of your equipment. By keeping your space clean and free of built-up dirt and dust, you’re reducing downtime for repairs or replacements. In the end– this can save you money. Additionally, a clean and sparkling workspace will promote creativity and productivity – both of which are valuable assets for any business.

How to Properly Deep Clean Your Commercial Space

Maintaining a high level of cleanliness in the workplace is critical for the well-being of both workers and employers. Deep cleaning goes far deeper than what a regular everyday clean is. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be performed as often, just as you do at home.

Spring cleaning is a prevalent time to deep clean your home. Why not carry that to the office? When the sun is out for longer days, spring is in the air, and many of us want to clean from the long winter. Cleaning under desks, behind the refrigerator, and even under the coffee pots are ways that we can deep clean your commercial building.

Let's Start with the Floors

The floors are, quite often, just as you do at home, vacuumed, swept, and mopped, but ground-in dirt causes issues over time. This is even more true for areas with heavy traffic. As we just discussed, deep cleaning of the floors will start with a simple basic clean. But then, the magic happens, and we take the cleaning to another level. For carpeting, this might mean that we will shampoo the carpets. For tile, steam clean and clean the grout. This can make the floors look new and beautiful.

The floors of your workplace are an essential component and one of the most grubby areas in a building. In the event that it is not cleaned correctly, it may harbor pathogenic bacteria, germs, and debris that might be hazardous to the health of both you and the personnel working for you.

Whether your floor is tiled, carpeted, or made of wood, it can harbor considerable filth and debris. Having your floors deep cleaned will create clean floors and an overall clean look for the office.

Deep Clean the Office Furniture

The kind of material or fabric a piece of furniture is made of will dictate the cleaning procedure we should use. For example, if your lobby area is not deep cleaned often, it can harbor a significant amount of oil, perspiration, trash, grime, and food particles.

To start, our professionals will vacuum all surfaces to get larger portions of debris, such as food particles and dirt, out of the fabric. Then a quick look for any stains that might need to be addressed. From there, it is time to steam clean any of the soft fabric areas. We will finish off by wiping down everything else with a disinfectant.

It may be in your contract to have us wipe down the hard surfaces often. However, we will continue to do this throughout the deep clean, getting under the chairs and in hard-to-reach areas.

Cleaning services for Residential Driveway

Clean the Equipment of Dust

Computer cleaning is a simple task that can renew the look of your machine. As a first step in the cleaning process, we make sure that everything has been completely unplugged. Compressed air cleaning can begin after unplugging from the wall, and, in the case of some laptops, we remove the battery. Thanks to this blast of condensed air, the computer’s keyboard will be free of dust, hair, and food crumbs. When we’re done, we’ll use a disinfecting wipe to make sure all the germs are gone.

While we have only touched on some of the areas that can be deep cleaned in a commercial building, you get the idea. Deep cleaning is something above and beyond what is usually done. This isn’t required each and every time. Things like taking the scuff marks off the walls and washing the windows are also additional things that could be considered deep cleaning.

If you have had your commercial area professionally cleaned but are interested in taking it up a notch, Steel and Propre would be happy to discuss our ideas with you. We work with businesses of all sizes to clean those hard-to-reach areas, the forgotten places, and the places that rarely see a dust cloth. Call now. We would be happy to discuss your options.

What is the Cost of Deep Cleaning?

Many of our clients think that the cost of deep cleaning will be an absorbent amount.   However, it is actually quite affordable when you think about it. Deep cleaning gives your building a fresh feel, and look at customers and employees alike will notice. Having this positive image is important in maintaining a positive relationship with them. Furthermore, it will cut down on illnesses that could happen due to dust and debris build-up, causing airborne pathogens that could make them sick.

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Maintaining a clean and sanitary business space includes deep cleaning as a regular practice.

A healthier, safer, and more productive workplace for employees and customers is important for business. If you want to take your cleaning to a whole new level, call us today.

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective commercial deep cleaning service, Steel and Propre is the company to call. Many businesses have come to rely on us to help them maintain a sanitary and safe environment for their employees and customers. Contact us today!

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