The Impact of COVID-19 on Commercial Cleaning: Why Sanitization is More Important Than Ever

COVID-19 changed the way that many of us live. When the planet shut down, it was something as nobody had seen before.  It was a time that sanitation became a common word in the average American household.  But, it also was a time that made us think about how unclean the world is.  During the pandemic, cleaning and sanitation became far more important to the general public.  People started to utilize hand sanitizer more often. They were more interested in the cleanliness of where they shopped, spend time, and conducted business than ever.  And frankly, it doesn’t seem like that is going away. (1) 

While other businesses were suffering, the commercial cleaning industry thrived in the early days of COVID-19.  It was a time when everyone wanted to have their commercial buildings completely sanitized to a level they had never considered before.  Hospitals, retail stores, the food industry, everyone wanted to get their hard surfaces clean and sanitized.  This was probably because it was on the CDC’s website that said COVID was spread by living on these types of surfaces. (1)

While these businesses were worried about losing business, they were also worried about sick employees.  Furthermore, that concern has carried on, even into recent years. In fact, paid sick leave has been made into law in some states, such as New Mexico.  Employers of any size in New Mexico must provide paid sick leave.  They say this isn’t just about covering people’s wages but also about keeping the virus from spreading.  When someone doesn’t have to choose between working and paying their bills or their health, they generally will choose to stay home when sick. (2)

The General Public is More Aware

People often assumed “if it smells clean, it must be clean” prior to the spread of COVID-19. No longer is this the case, as surveys reveal a rising consciousness of personal hygiene.

For instance, a poll conducted in November 2020 found that 53% of respondents said that a hotel’s cleanliness was important in determining whether they would book another stay there. (3) This information would then spill over into other industries such as restaurants, hospitals and medical facilities, dental facilities, and even gyms. If there are places where the general public is touching surfaces or is being touched, they are places of concern for sanitation.  Furthermore, the general public also has a heightened awareness of the importance of maintaining clean personal hygiene routines.

Research has shown that during the pandemic, the vast majority of Americans are washing their hands more often, more thoroughly, and for more extended periods of time. Furthermore, most Americans claim they will maintain these handwashing best practices even after the pandemic has ended. (4) Regular cleaning and easy access to supplies for proper hand hygiene will go a long way toward reassuring the building’s residents and visitors.

Improved Respect for Cleaning Personal

Another odd shift since the pandemic is this overall respect for the cleaning personnel.  Before, our personnel felt like they were in the way.  However, it seems people are more educated now about how important it is to keep the working area cleaner.  

Employees in the cleaning industry are increasingly viewed as heroes for their role in preventing the spread of potentially fatal infections. Throughout the epidemic, some cleaners were working super long hours alongside doctors. In a survey conducted in June 2020, 56% of respondents indicated they have a considerably higher opinion of caretakers than they did before the outbreak. (5) Cleaning personnel was considered an essential job, above some other jobs that people originally thought were more important. 

In fact, some people think that having cleaners visible in a commercial building brings peace of mind to the workers and customers.  If people see someone cleaning the floors or sanitizing the bathrooms, they feel it is cleaner and safer.  

The Impact of COVID-19 on Commercial Cleaning: Why Sanitization is More Important Than Ever

Your Health is At Stake

Before COVID, people didn’t give much thought about an office that might be a little run down.  However, everyone is more aware than ever before how dirty surfaces can cause health problems.  While the place might not even look dirty, it could harbor viruses, germs, and bacteria if it hasn’t been cleaned properly. 

Studies have shown that if a surface of an office or commercial building is contaminated, 40-60% of the other surfaces of that building will be contaminated too.  (6)  This means a very busy workplace could lead to many sick people.  

If you have children in school, you probably have noticed they are sicker during the months of school than during breaks or when they are not in school.  This is because the more people are using the same surfaces, the more chance of contamination.  This has been brought to the surface during the pandemic, causing people responsible for commercial buildings to look for better solutions.  For schools, many teachers have taken it upon themselves to keep their classrooms cleaner than ever before.  They even get the students involved in wiping down their tables and doorknobs each day with sanitation wipes.  

Call Steel and Propre for Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

If you are in charge of a commercial building, whether it be a hotel, restaurant, school, hospital, or any other business, Steel and Propre can assist you in getting the place sanitized at affordable rates. We offer different levels of cleaning to our clients to allow them to choose what is best for them. If you need deep cleaning or daily, we have you covered.

The commercial cleaning industry has been revolutionized since COVID, and it doesn’t look like the need for these services is going down anytime soon. We work with clients of all sizes and types to ensure their working environment is clean.  But we go beyond that. We sanitize different surfaces to ensure that the spread of germs is stopped in its tracks. 

Give us a call at Steel and Propre and set up a no-obligation quote.  We will meet with you for a tour of your facility and learn more about what you are looking for in your commercial cleaning service.  Our team will then provide you with some options and go over our suggestions.  Contact us today!

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