How a Clean Workspace Boosts Productivity: The Impact of Commercial Cleaning Services on Employee Performance

When it comes to having a productive workforce, you might not have considered the cleanliness of the workspace. Sure, having it clutter-free is important, but it goes beyond that. Dust, allergens, and smells can all affect the performance of your employees. That’s why it is vital that you have your commercial building clean and dust free as much as possible.  

Many business owners don’t think of the importance of having a clean office and its impact on those in it. While they might know that clutter is certainly an issue, they haven’t given a thought about having the carpets cleaned regularly or the place disinfected. Germs thrive in workplaces. In fact, as your employees are strewn about the workplace, they are touching things from the elevator buttons, stair rails, the phone, and their keyboards. In fact, more than 400 times more bacteria are found on an office desk than on the average toilet seat, 400 times!! (1)

A Clean Workspace Keeps People From Being Sick

This bacteria can potentially make people sick, meaning that you will have more sick days on the books. This will impact the production, not just because people are missing, but because it burns out the employees that did show up. However, you want those sick people to stay home. In fact, many areas of the US have put together various laws to give people proper sick leave. This forces employers to give proper sick leave to their employees. (2) This wasn’t done to harm the employers but to help both. It is meant to help stop the spread and has people not have to choose to stay home when they are sick and give up the money they would need to pay their bills. For many people, this isn’t a choice. 

If people come to work, even before showing symptoms, they can contaminate the entire workforce. It is said that co-workers of the sick person will spread the virus to over 50% of the business within the first 4 hours. (1) However, if the business isn’t cleaned regularly, this number could exponentiate as the surfaces only become more contaminated. This will have a definite impact on employee performance.

Preventing Illness - Save Time and Productivity

Preventing illness will save you a lot of time and energy. With a cleaner work environment, you won’t have to worry about all the sick days. People will be where they need to be, being productive for your company. It is important that you have the doorknobs, refrigerators, microwaves, and coffeepot along with the vending machine buttons and elevator buttons wiped down regularly. This is on top of the phone, computer mouse, keyboard, monitor, and desktop in the office. These are places that germs love to live and breed on. (1)

While having these surfaces wiped down every time they are touched is not practical, offering hand sanitizer stations throughout the building can certainly reduce the germs. Furthermore, you need to have the business professional cleaned as often as possible. We at Steel and Propre offer commercial cleaning services tailored to our customers’ needs. We take the time to go over your expectations to devise a plan that will work with your business and budget.

You might actually be surprised at how affordable having a professional commercial cleaning company is, especially if you look at the amount of sick time saved over time.

Save Your Employees' Families

While we have talked about how commercial cleaning can increase productivity due to keeping your employees healthy, it goes beyond that. It also keeps their families healthy. Germs taken home from the office can make your employee’s families sick. Sick children, just like sick adults, need to stay home to contain the illness. However, they cannot stay home alone and will need a parent. Very few families in the US have a stay-at-home parent that can do this. In fact, only 28% of moms and 7% of dads do this. (3) This means that the workforce will lose healthy workers as they stay home to care for their children, decreasing production even more.

Are you seeing the pattern?

How a Clean Workspace Boosts Productivity

Your Customers Cannot Do Business

Now that we have talked about the employees’ side of things let’s take a look at how a dirty business can affect your customers. For many businesses, without customers means reduced production. Without customers, there wouldn’t be a business.  

If your business is dirty, is it most likely not appealing to many people. For example, have you ever gotten off the highway to have to choose a gas station? While some will look at the prices, which are usually within a few cents of each other, if not the same, many will look at how clean and welcoming they are. This is the same for just about any business. If given a choice, people will choose a nice, clean, well-light business each and every time. 

A commercial cleaning service can assist you in keeping your business looking amazing on the inside. We can dust, mop, wipe down all the workstations, and more. This allows you to worry about other things. After all, as a business owner, you probably have more important things to worry about. But we hope that you can see how important it is to your business and its productivity. 

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